lunedì 6 maggio 2013


Perfect had a troubled history prior to their debut album, but it's not particularly interesting or useful, so I will skip it. What you need to know is that by the time of this record, after some changes, the line-up was polarized on two members: Zbigniew Hołdys (guitar, composer) and Grzegorz Markowski (vocals).

"Perfect" was one of Poland's blockbusters of the decade, selling around 440.000 copies in the year of its release. Most of the songs on the tracklist are ultimate classics, expecially the ballad "Nie płacz Ewka", the circular reggae-rock "Chcemy być sobą", and the post-punk anthem "Ale wkoło jest wesoło".

These guys had a really unclassifiable sound. They moved somewhere between new wave and hard rock, reggae rhythm tricks and pop immediacy, with some punk and blues touches. You know that I don't like to compare Polish bands with English-speaking ones, because I consider them well-defined entities, anyway if that can help you, just try to imagine something between Police and Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

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  1. Interesting fact: until 2013 that album was quite exceptional, because it was probably only hit record from 80s... not released on CD. That's right. These songs were avaliable only on compilations. Proper re-release on CD - march 2013. The problem was copyrights (two record companies had rights to different tracks).