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MAANAM - "MAANAM FOREVER" (non-album tracks 1979-1986)

There are lots of non-album songs from the first phase of Maanam's career. Here's a collection that includes all of them, compiled by Soviet Sam.

Tonpress single, 1979:
1. Hamlet 
2. Oprócz

Tonpress single, 1980:
3. Boskie Buenos 
4. Żądza pieniądza 
Not the same versions you can find on "Maanam", but two exciting early takes. I love them, expecially for the raw sound of lead guitar.

Tonpress single, 1981:
5. Och, ten Hollywood 
6. Ta noc do innych jest niepodobna 

Tonpress single, 1981:
7. Cykady na Cykladach 
8. 1984 
150.000 copies sold. The A-side was a colossal hit in Poland.

9. España Forever
Aired by Radio Trójka in June 1982, but not phisically released at the time. It was later included in some compilations.

Tonpress single, 1983:
10. Kocham Cię, kochanie moje
11. Elektro Spiro kontra Zanzara 
140.000 copies sold. The A-side reached no. 1 on the Trójka chart, while the B-side was no. 2.

Tonpress single, 1986:
12. Jesteśmy ze stali 
13. Ty, nie Ty 

(kbps: 320. Except tracks 2, 4 and 8: 204-208)

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  1. Great compliation! It's superb that it contains tracks which were omitted from Maanam "Simple Story" box (Opróćz, early Żądza pieniądza and 1984).
    But still one track's missing. There's another, extra long (over 9 minutes!) version of "Żądza pieniądza" on 1983 various artist compilation "Na luzie". It was released only on vinyl. Extra long version also appears on various re-editions (f.e. 2002 reissue of "Kminek dla dziewczynek"), but as a live recording.

  2. I know it, but I didn't find it anyhwere...

    Thank you very much for your contribution anyway :)

  3. Very sad news... Marek Jackowski has died today of heart attack at age of 66.

  4. RIP Marek :(
    Thank you anyway, Pahan. Keep on following my blog, your help is so appreciated!