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OBYWATEL G.C. - "TAK! TAK!" (1988)

Obywatel G.C. (transl. Citizen G.C.) is a fascinating nickname used for the first time in 1986 by singer & composer Grzegorz Ciechowski, while Republika was on hyatus. After a great eponymous album (which you will eventually find on Soviet Sam), he released this classic title. 

"Tak! Tak!" sold over 300.000 copies in 1988 alone, while "Nie pytaj o Polskę" and "Tak tak to ja" both reached the top of the Trójka chart, staying there for four and seven weeks respectively. The first in particular would become one of the most popular and revered Polish songs ever.
It is an effective masterpiece: the soft electronic beat, the melancholic piano riff, the atmospheric keyboard background, the peculiar structure (it is a sort of bolero, with instruments added while the song goes on), the touching saxophone solo in the middle, the wall of voices which leads the chorus, the epic fade-out ending. One of the most incredible songs you will ever hear, plain and simple.

The rest of the album is also very good. Helped by keyboardist & producer Rafał PaczkowskiCiechowski creates a new wave almanac, where aggressive guitars, electronic breaks, and sampled jokes are mixed with a symphonic attitude in the name of a romantic pop titanism.

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