mercoledì 30 marzo 2016


Founded by singer Krzysztof Cugowski and bass player Romuald Lipko, Budka Suflera are one of the most important Polish bands ever. During their 40-year long career they have achieved no less than a dozen smash hits in their homeland, even though the quality of their music has dropped drastically after the mid Eighties.

Anyway, on this debut album you will find anything but brilliance. If the first part is made of four songs that mixes hard rock, folk, and Polish pop influences (with background lines provided by vocal female group Alibabki), the second side is entirely occupied by "Szalony koń", a 19-minute heavy prog suite, which features a crazy synthesizer solo by Czesław Niemen.

The album sold 115.000 copies in one year (quite a feat for a Polish band of the time), whilst "Jest taki samotny dom" and the title track are still popular as of today.

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mercoledì 2 marzo 2016


Darkwood Dub are one of my favourite Serbian bands, and this album is an important piece of their puzzle. 

If "Život počinje u 30 oj" was probably their masterpiece, "O danima" is its worthy sequel. It goes in the same direction, mixing dub, noir atmospheres, indie pop, and electronic beats.

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