venerdì 29 gennaio 2016


"Masakra" was a strong comeback for Republika, after some disappointing albums.

My favourite tracks are “Gramy dalej”, with its dreamy keyboards, the title track, with its electro-industrial beats, and “Odchodząc”, a romantic single with acoustic guitars.
I also like downtempo numbers such as “Raz na milion lat” and “Przeczekajmy noc”. 

Even though it "only" reached no. 18 on the Polish charts at the time, "Masakra" has then become a classic. Today it is considered the band's third best album, after their Eighties milestones.

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lunedì 25 gennaio 2016


The most bizarre album in Grzegorz Ciechowski's career. An exciting, funny mix of samples, processed sounds, new age atmospheres, alternative dance beats, recorder solos, funk guitars, and old melodies taken from the Polish folk tradition. 
You are not going to find anything similar, that's for sure.

(Unexpectedly, this album did quite well in the charts, reaching no. 5 in Poland).

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domenica 3 gennaio 2016


After a short career in mediocre pop band Dezire, Ania Rusowicz started her solo career. Her first album, "Mój Big-Bit" (2011), contained some covers from the repertoire of her mother, Ada Rusowicz. I prefer by far this second one, produced by Emade and consisting entirely of original material.

The tracklist is made of twelve beautiful songs which incorporate surf rock guitars, Farfisa organ, orchestral arrangements, and rhythm tricks. Among many influences you can hear traces of psychedelic rock, Polish folk music, Ennio Morricone, and Middle-Eastern melodies.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 256)