lunedì 27 aprile 2015


This is where Marek Grechuta started his collaboration with jazz-rock ensemble WIEM. Unexpectedly, the result is an easier album if compared to 1971's "Korowód": the songs are shorter and less timing is given to jam sessions and instrumental solos.

There are two main elements on this album. One is Grechuta's heartfelt voice, which declaims beautiful Polish poetry. The other is the double bass played by Paweł Jarzębski, whose articulated lines are very loud in the mix and dominate the arrangements. The rest is occupied by gently played guitars, some pristine piano parts, and lots of percussion.

Try to imagine a less-baroque Polish version of Gainsbourg's "Histoire de Melody Nelson", a part spoken album where the melodies are determined by the richness of the instrumental architectures.
It is not among Grechuta's most popular works, but it is celebrated by critics as one of his bests, and so it is.

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giovedì 9 aprile 2015


Original band name: Агата Кристи
Original album title: Опиум

This is one of the most celebrated Russian albums of the Nineties.
A dozen of powerful songs which mixes heavy synths, danceable rhythms, classical music orchestrations, dark atmospheres in the style of the Cure, and grotesque sketches influenced by the local folk tradition.
If you liked their previous work, "Pozornaya zvezda", then try this.

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