martedì 31 maggio 2016

INDEXI - "THE BEST OF" (1971-1980) [Released by Muzički Magazin in 2011]

Indexi was a Bosnian rock band active since the early Sixties. From 1967 to the mid Seventies they were the country's most important band. The huge popularity earned them the nickname "the Yugoslavian Beatles". 

On this anthology you will find all the anthems they released during the Seventies (the only big hit missing, "Predaj se srce", is one of their rare weak songs in my humble opinion, so it's not a big deal). Most of these songs, which were released only as singles at the time, are really catchy and well crafted.

Among my favourites are the tragic ballads "Bacila je sve niz rijeku" and "Ugasila je plamen", the dreamlike gem "Balada", the electronic "Njene oči, usne, ruke", and the beautiful cavalcade "Svijet u kojem živim"
Styles range from progressive rock to soul, from folk to baroque pop, from garage rock to soft pop.

Indexi changed many members over the years, but three of them have been a constant for decades: Davorin Popović (vocals), Slobodan Kovačević (guitars), and Fadil Redžić (bass guitar).

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

mercoledì 18 maggio 2016


Despite started out as a band, from the ashes of MWNH, Voo Voo soon became the personal project of Wojciech Waglewski. Today they are still one of the most revered names of the Polish alternative scene, even though they never really reached the mainstream.

This is their second album, their best according to many, and it contains a peculiar mix of post-punk, art-rock, folk, jazz, spoken word, and noir atmospheres.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 257-286)

lunedì 9 maggio 2016

CHŁOPCY Z PLACU BRONI - "O! ELA" (1990) + Trójka sessions (1988-89)

Seven days ago "Kocham wolność" by Chlopcy z Placu Broni was voted the best Polish song ever by the listeners of Radio Trójka.
It was done with the purpose of sending a message to the current Polish far-right government, since the title means "I Love Freedom".
It is a wonderful song indeed, a striking alternative pop anthem, with beautiful jangly guitars.

The rest of the album is quite diverse, as it goes from jangle pop to melodic hardcore, including acoustic moments and bluesy ballads. "O! Ela" is a brilliant debut, for one of the most important Polish bands of the early 90's.
Their leader, Bogdan Łyszkiewicz, died in a car crash back in 2000, at the age of 35.

P.S. I also added some rare recordings from their 1988-89 radio Trójka sessions.

DOWNLOAD (album. Kbps: 320)
DOWNLOAD (radio sessions. Kbps: 320,
except "Kocham wolność", 198. If you own a better version please let me know