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CHŁOPCY Z PLACU BRONI - "O! ELA" (1990) + Trójka sessions (1988-89)

Seven days ago "Kocham wolność" by Chlopcy z Placu Broni was voted the best Polish song ever by the listeners of Radio Trójka.
It was done with the purpose of sending a message to the current Polish far-right government, since the title means "I Love Freedom".
It is a wonderful song indeed, a striking alternative pop anthem, with beautiful jangly guitars.

The rest of the album is quite diverse, as it goes from jangle pop to melodic hardcore, including acoustic moments and bluesy ballads. "O! Ela" is a brilliant debut, for one of the most important Polish bands of the early 90's.
Their leader, Bogdan Łyszkiewicz, died in a car crash back in 2000, at the age of 35.

P.S. I also added some rare recordings from their 1988-89 radio Trójka sessions.

DOWNLOAD (album. Kbps: 320)
DOWNLOAD (radio sessions. Kbps: 320,
except "Kocham wolność", 198. If you own a better version please let me know

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