venerdì 28 settembre 2018

DOLPHIN - "442" (2018)

Dolphin's new album is the shortest of his career, but also his most political one. 
It must not be easy to live in Putin's Russia and release a song like "520", with its statements against the Crimean invasion. 

Compared to his previous work, I think the math rock influence is stronger than ever, whilst the shoegaze component has waned. This is probably due to a new line-up of backing musicians, composed of drummer Vasily Yakovlev and guitar player Igor Babko.  
In the end, another brilliant album from a legend of Russian alternative music.

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martedì 11 settembre 2018


Known as Blue Effect, Modrý Efekt, or M. Efekt, depending on the album, the band lead by guitar player Radim Hladík was one of the most important music acts to ever emerge in Czechoslovakia. 
After starting as a song-oriented project, they embraced instrumental jazz-rock when most of rock music was banned for its subversive lyrics. 

This is their fifth album, the fourth in the jazz-rock style, and probably their best. Whilst their previous efforts were too unbalanced towards free jazz ("Coniunctio", 1970) or sounded like some poor man's Chicago ("Nová syntéza", 1971), this one is mature, original, and intense.

It was recorded in 1973 and released at the end of 1974, in a limited edition for the export market. That version was credited to "The Blue Effect" and titled "A Benefit of Radim Hladík". It was then reissued for the local market one year later, credited to "Modrý Efekt & Radim Hladík", which also became the title of every following edition.

Every song is composed and arranged by Hladík, who shows his musicianship with crazy, intricate jazz fusion solos. Bass player Josef Kůstka and drummer Vlado Čech jam at full speed, with funk gusto and syncopated times, while Lešek Semelka's organ and piano provide a symphonic prog touch.
Jazz legend Jiří Stivín appears as a guest, playing wind instruments.

It's not easy to compare this album to anything else. You can try to imagine a symphonic prog version of Mahavishnu Orchestra, but it would be a mere approximation. 
It is also worth noticing that the slow section of "Boty" totally sound like Camel's "Song Within a Song", which would have been recorded only three years later.
This is quite simply one of the best instrumental progressive rock albums ever. 

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sabato 28 luglio 2018

R.I.P. Kora

Maanam's main vocalist and Polish rock icon Kora is dead at 67, after a five year battle with cancer (local journals are stating that she had to sold her house to afford the high treatment costs).

If you don't know Maanam yet, you can find all their earlier works here on Soviet Sam.

lunedì 4 giugno 2018

giovedì 26 aprile 2018


Phoenix are the most important rock band from Romania.
This is their second album, the one with stronger folk influences. In fact, Whilst you could hear traces of Romanian tradition even in their debut album, here it becomes the dominant force. Many songs are acoustic, and the electric ones have one foot in folk music as well, with violin, percussion, and odd meter patterns.

Even though the band had to cope with the censorship of Ceaucescu's regime, the album was another huge success and songs like "Strunga" and the title track became classics.
The sound quality may come across as slightly muffled, but if you like progressive rock and folk music, you should not miss this little gem.

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