giovedì 25 febbraio 2016


Even though it generated a classic of ex-YU pop music, such as "Tvoje nježne godine", this double album marked the end of Arsen Dedić's golden era, selling less than his previous works.

In spite of this, today it can be considered his definitive artistic triumph, with a brilliant alternation of baroque pop, chanson, local folk, and adventurous jazz arrangements. 
In fact, some songs are way ahead of their time, like "Ana je Ana", an early mix of pop and world music, with is beautiful fuzzy guitars and Middle East-influenced orchestral lines, or "Mirni podstanar", which tells the story of a murder over a creepy, dissonant instrumental background, five years before the start of Scott Walker's experimental phase.

Don't let the length of the tracklist put you off; these 22 songs deserve your utmost attention.

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lunedì 22 febbraio 2016


Maria Peszek is a Polish singer, actress, and writer. This is her third album and it reached no. 1 on the local charts. Its lyrics against patriotism and catholicism generated a string of controversies.
Songs are dominated by frantic synthesizer sounds, hypnotic rhythms, and powerful bass lines. My favourite is probably the electronic punk anthem "Sorry Polsko", but there are other notable ones, such as "Wyścigówka" and "Pan nie jest moim pasterzem", with its dramatic crescendo.

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