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Partibrejkers is probably the most important Yugoslavian garage rock band. They were founded in 1982 by singer Cane (Zoran Kostić), drummer Manzanera (Goran Bulatović), and two guitar players, Anton (Nebojša Antonijević) and Ljuba (Ljubiša Kostadinović). The band is still active nowadays, even though only Cane and Anton are part of the current line-up. 

Produced by Dušan "Koja" Kojić, their debut album was released by Jugoton, the greatest label of socialist Yugoslavia. It was anticipated by "1000 godina", a frantic punk-blues number which quickly became a generational anthem (no. 7 on the B92 all-time chart). The chorus is basically a libertarian slogan: "I don't want to live for a thousand years, I want it now, and I want it all". 

If this song is characterized by a strong acoustic guitar presence, the rest of the album is electric and noisy. The band played an all-power rock'n'roll with sharp sounds and no bass guitar. Some of the most exciting titles are "Ona živi na brdu" (with dissonant background vocals and loud drums), "Hej ti dole u mraku" (with a crazy guitar solo), "Ako si..." (the videoclip is a must watch), and "Stoj Džoni" (an answer to "Johnny B. Goode").

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