domenica 12 maggio 2013


Founded in the early Eighties by singer Branislav Babić, better known as Kebra, Obojeni program is one of the most important bands of Novi Sad's indie music scene. They started to release albums just a couple of years before the outbreak of the Yugoslavian War, but they were able to release their music throughout the Nineties, without leaving their homeland. 
If today they are a cult band among rock music listeners, at the time of this debut album they were just a small underground reality, known only to those who had seen them in small concerts during the Eighties. 
The tracklist is composed in its majority by songs tested during those gigs, such as "Štipaljka", "Ona je tu!", and "Filadelfija". Music style incorporates funk rock riffs, jangle pop guitars ("To još nisam rekao""Uzmi me!"), and a bunch of catchy (sometimes even epic) vocal tunes. Kebra's peculiar voice is their real trademark. 
Some melodies here and there remind me of the coeval Madchester sound, which the band would have fully embraced on the second album.

P.S. Those who appreciates Šarlo Akrobata and Disciplina Kičme would probably like to know that "Najvažnije je biti zdrav" was produced by‎ Dušan "Koja" Kojić.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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