sabato 18 maggio 2013

R.I.P. Marek Jackowski

Maanam's rhythm guitar player & genius composer has died today, aged 66. 
This is a sad day for Soviet Sam.

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  1. :(
    He was working on a new record in Italy, where he lived.
    The funeral will take place tomorrow (19.05) in Saint Marco, Italy. Nobody was expecting such quick decision from his family, even Kora. She doesn't know if she would be able to get there in only a couple of hours.
    IMO it's very unfair that the most people who knew him won't be able to participate.

  2. Strange but its life.

    He also lived in Zakopane for over 10years. Good life lovely places. Mentioned about heart pressure while was living in mountains and going to "land" to play concerts.

    Looked great for his age. Polish Mac Fleetwood.

    God bless him.

  3. My reflections on Maanam. Marek Jackowski was a child of the 60s, a total hippie on the Eastern Block. He seemed like he took the greatest pleasure in procreating the Rock music, and he felt most honoured by this sheer privilege. Maanam's unique, vibrant and creative chemistry was completed with Pawel Markowski when he was around (1981-2003) who in 1981 at least appeared to represent the school of John Bonham and at that time drums seemed to hold a very prominent place in Maanam, setting the overall pace, providing strong, powerful highlights, and breaking the songs up into fragments of faster and slower pace, and interestingly Jackowski would do the same by abruptly, dramatically and aggressively raising and dropping the tones of his guitar. This duet would produce a peculiar effect that would drain every last bit of emotion out of the audience. Whereas Jackowski appeared to lend Maanam its elegance, Markowski gave it balls. He brought Led Zeppelin to Maanam and made great chemistry when Jackowski played his flat tones with their abrupt changes in pitch. Without him it remains doubtful if Szare Miraze would be possible with its level of delivery. Later however, drums were pushed back providing only a background rhythm and faint highlights, giving the guitarists all of the leading stage, and something was lost in the sense of balance within the band. Songs became more melancholic, a bit too reflective and without that sheer energy that would shiver your spine.

    Moreover, in the 90s Maanam seemed to have deflowered, but they made some interesting and very catchy remakes of their past hits such as the reggae classic Kocham Cie Kochania Moje, here to diss off Ms. Kozlowska from Bajm for having totally betrayed her post-punkish and metal roots and instead producing mainly love songs which were nevertheless shallow and a commercial vanity. And they did release one new and catchy hit 'Smycz' which featured a mystically awesome electronic and guitar base.

  4. Thank you very much for your wonderful comment :)