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Kaliber 44 was a hip hop quartet from Katowice. They disbanded in 2003, three years after the suicide of the MC Piotr "Magik" Łuszcz. 
Their debut album was a milestone for the local scene: first of all, it marked the beginning of a new era for rap music collectives, as no one of them had released an high-profile record before (they had only some albums released by Kazik, as a spin-off from Kult, or by superstar Liroy, who approached the genre with a trivial, commercial mood). 
On the contrary, on "Księga tajemnicza" Polish rap was expressing for the first time an extreme, dark, experimental vision of life and music. 
Its beats and arrangements are amazing, absorbing industrial noise, dissonant samples, noir strings, and sharp synthesizers. Voices are crazy and furious, often changing mood like if they were part of a stream of consciousness.  
The album enjoyed a strong cult following, selling over 100.000 copies, and today Kaliber 44 is commonly regarded as the most important Polish rap group ever. 

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