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In the late 80s a second post-punk movement conquered Poland. With an impressive series of no. 1 albums and singles, Kult is the most popular and long-lived of these bands.

If their debut album, "Kult" (1986), was slightly naive, this second effort is a huge step forward. The production makes the difference: the sounds are much deeper, especially the rhythm section, which sounded like a demo on the previous album. 
A more professional approach also helped their songwriting to mantain a solid focus, generating moments such as the triumphant reggae-rock of "Wódka" (originally titled "Na całym świecie źle się dzieje koledzy", transl. "Things go wrong all around the world, friends"), the funky assault of "Post", and the atmospheric mid-tempo of "Hej, czy nie wiecie". The latter was a big hit in Poland, expecially because of the anti-regime lyrics (its chorus screams "Hey, don't you know you have no power in this world?")

The historic line-up of this album is composed by Kazik Staszewski (vocals & keyboards), Janusz Grudziński (guitars & keyboards), Ireneusz Wereński (bass guitar, previously a Brygada Kryzys member), Paul Szanajca (sax), and Tadeusz Kisieliński (drums). 

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