sabato 20 aprile 2013

LADY PANK - "LP3" (1986)

Lady Pank's third studio effort, the last of their new wave phase and their poppiest record up to that date. 
Even though the band had three no. 1 singles in 1985, "LP3" was somehow a commercial disappointment, selling only 100.000 copies in its first year of release. A satisfying sum for an average Polish band of the time, but not for Lady Pank, who were dominating the scene. The poor reception of this album is probably the main reason of the 1988 shocking change of style, which turned the band into an arena-rock act. 

The opening track, "Made in Homo", is a beautiful dark-punk number, but it is kinda misleading, because the rest of the album is marked by an absolutely brighter mood. Just think to "Ludzie z Marsa" and "Osobno", two new wave songs with a relaxed guitar sound, or to "Babilon Disco Najt", a nice pop number which featured Urszula Mogielnicka's dreamy background vocals.

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  1. This album had almost no promotion, because in 1986 Lady Pank was disbanded by the government. The reason for that was a huge scandal at live show for children on 01.06.1986, when completely drunk Jan Borysewicz (guitarist) showed his genitals to the (young) audience. They've returned in 1987 when the "punishment" ended.
    Only song from "LP3" that charted was "Osobno" (april '86). Reviews were mixed, but everyone have noticed significant change of style and progress (major critic's complain about second album was being too similar to the first one).

    Great blog BTW!

  2. thank you very much for these informations :)