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Myslovitz is the most popular rock band to emerge from Poland in the late Nineties. They took the name from the city where they were born, Myslowice, making it the new capital of the local alternative scene.

This is their breakthrough album, the first of their mature phase (their previous works were not bad anyway, just a bit naive).
It reached no. 8 in Poland, staying in the chart for one year. It reached a double platinum status in 2002, but considering that there wasn't any update since then (certifications have been totally reformed in the meanwhile), that the album has re-entered the charts on a pair of occasions (including three weeks in the top-20 in 2009, when a deluxe edition was released), and that today it is regarded as a classic, I think its sales are likely over the 200.000 copies mark, which would make it a diamond disc by nowadays standards.

If "Miłość..." had been produced by an English band, today it would be considered a classic of the late Britpop era, as it contains some amazing songs. "Chłopcy" is introduced by a refined stratification of riffs and guitar effects, "Długość dźwięku samotności" is a touching love song with lounge-pop sounds, "Gdzieś" has some nice rhythm tricks and an explosive chorus, "My" is a softly depressive midtempo pierced by some subtle feedback noises, "Noc" is a celestial crescendo guided by acoustic guitars and percussions. 

P.S. This is strongly recommended to fans of Manic Street Preachers.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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