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PERFECT - "CO SIĘ STAŁO Z ZBIGNIEW H.?" (non-album tracks 1978-1983)

These are some of my favourite songs released by Perfect. Since there is no compilation containing them all, I decided to compile it by myself.

1. Co się stało z Magdą K.?
A sort of Polish answer to "Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart.
Recorded in 1977 and aired in the spring of 1978, it was a solo recording by Zbigniew Holdys. Thirteen years later it was included in Perfect's anthology "1977-1991".

2. Po co?
Recorded in 1981, during the debut album sessions, this funny hard rock was released only eight years later, on the anthology "1981-1989".

3. Coś się dzieje w mej biednej głowie
This is one of the few heavy metal attempts by Perfect. It was released in 1981, as part of the EP "Chcemy być sobą". 

4. Pepe wróć
5. Opanuj się
Released as a single in 1982, selling over 150.000 copies. Both songs reached the top-10 on the Trójka chart. The A-side is one of their most precious gems, a strange hypnotic blues with a ghostly atmosphere. The B-side is a more canonical hard rock, though still enjoyable.

6. Moja magiczna różdżka
This beautiful boogie with new wave guitars was released in 1982, as a B-side for the hit single "Idź precz".

7. Zamieniam się w psa 
8. Dla zasady nie ma sprawy
Released as a single in 1983, selling over 100.000 copies. The A-side is a hi-tech hard rock, the B-side a very slow ballad, slightly reminiscent of the Police.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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  1. "Co się stało z Magdą K.?" actually have charted in 1978, as a Zbigniew Hołdys solo song (which it de facto is). It was "rereleased" in 80. due to Perfect popularity. Lyrics were highly controversial - song tells the story of group rape. Around this time Hołdys also recorded "Z dyskoteki czterdziestolatka" (you can find it on Perfect's "Nieznane historie" compilation) and "Poszło w dym" (unreleased to this day, but charted in 1978).
    There are also two early Perfect songs from 1978-79 era - "Jego nie ma" and "Nie ma mogiły dla rockandrolla" released on "Nieznane historie".

    "Co się dzieje w mej biednej głowie" is only song from first album sessions on your list. Other songs which didn't end up on the LP were: "Czytanka dla Janka", "Nasza muzyka wzbudza strach", "Wieczorny przegląd moich myśli". They were released on MC version or various CD compilations years later.

    "Po co", "Pepe wróć" and "Opanuj się" are recordings from late 1981. They were done probably by the new line up, before "Unu" album, but certainly after first one.

    "Moja magiczna różdżka", "Dla zasady nie ma sprawy" and "Zamieniam się w psa" were "Unu" leftovers.

  2. Can you provide a source for Magda K? Because from what I've read, it wasn't released in 1978 (moreover, Radio Trojka didn't have a chart in 1978). Thank you for your help :)

  3. oh, I forgot: this wasn't intended to be a complete compilation of all Perfect non-album tracks, but just of my favourites, eheh. Maybe I will compile a second part in the future. Your comments are always precious, keep on following my blog. I'm not Polish, so any kind of help will be appreciated :)

  4. PS. Remeber, that not only Trójka had a chart. They were many of them in fact. Main competitors of Trójka were more poppy "Jedynka" (Polish Radio 1) Chart and more punk/alternative Rozgłośnia Harcerska's Chart (they had A LOT of rare, early radio recordings by many of the polish bands from your's blog - unfortunately most of their archives gone with fire :().

    (I don't know if the first comment was sent...?)

  5. no it wasn't, can you send it again?

  6. I've got another question for you. Do you know when "Perfect" was released? Their official website says 1981, but according to it was released only in 1982. Who's right?

  7. Previous message first :) I really enjoy your blog, because it offers an unique "fresh" perspective on many polish "iron classics", which in Poland aren't discussed without sort of nostalgic feel anymore.

    Info about "Co się stało z Magdą K.?" was taken from "Non Stop" magazine Chart. I'm not shure if I can paste a link here, but here's the scan of that particular issue (not mine unfortunately): .
    Another fun fact about the song is that it's lyrics were originally given to pop group Dwa Plus Jeden. It were too dark for them though, and they rejected it (you can check "California mon amour" by them - "Magda" lyrics was intended for this it's music).

    "Perfect" album was recorded in 1981. It's hard to understand polish way of issuing albums at the time. It was common that due to lack of (physical) material for vinyls, albums were released with big delay. I'm not sure about "Perfect" to be honest, but I think it was released in 1982 or 1983. I've read somewhere that it hit the stores when songs from second album topped charts. It's really hard to tell precisely, and that's the problem of many polish records. MC version came out earlier, for sure. Oh, and recently I found out on, that there was vinyl re-release in 1985.

    PS. Due to copyright issues, the CD version came out only a couple of months ago.

  8. Little update:
    I checked, and "Perfect" album was issued certainly in 1982, May or June, to be exact. That's what people who have bought it then said. MC was released probably in late 1981 (in very small amount, and it was rather considered pirate, more like bootleg - with different tracklist though).

  9. Do U have studio version of "Żywy stąd nie wyjdzie nikt"? It was released only on casette version of "Gold" compilation. I've got this casette, but I don't have tape player and this track (in studio version) isn't avaiable in the web.

  10. not at the moment but I can try looking for it