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"POLISH NEW WAVE" (various artists, 1984-87)

This precious compilation was released in 1997 on Mathaus Records. It contains a bunch of non-album singles by four important underground acts of Polish new wave, all signed to the state label Tonpress. You will not find these tracks on any other release. 
I marked in red my personal favourites :)

1. Madame - Gdyby nie szerszenie 
2. Madame - Może właśnie Sybilla
3. Madame - Głupi numer
4. Madame - Dzień narodzin
5. Madame - Krawat powieszony w łaźni 

These five songs are everything the band recorded in its short career. 
Track 1 was aired by Radio Trójka in 1985, reaching no. 2 and becoming a little post-punk anthem. Tracks 2 & 3 were released as a single in 1985, tracks 4 & 5 were released as a single in 1986. 
Five years later Robert Gawliński would have formed Wilki, one of the most popular Polish bands of the 90s.

6. Made in Poland - Obraz we mgle
7. Made in Poland - Ja myślę 
8. Made in Poland - Kobieta
9. Made in Poland - Ucieczka
10. Made in Poland - Nieskazitelna twarz
11. Made in Poland - Jedna kropla deszczu  

This is everything the band produced prior to its debut album.
Lead vocals: Robert "Rozzy" Hilczer - Tracks 6 & 7 were aired by Radio Trójka in december 1984, then released as a single in 1985. Track 8 was part of the compilation "Sztuka latania", released in 1985. 
Lead vocals: Jolanta Pulchna - Track 9 & 10 were released as a single in 1986. Track 11 was probably recorded that same year, but I don't know when it was released.

12. Variété - I znowu ktoś przestawił kamienie 
13. Variété - Te dni  
Relased as a single in 1985, these two songs represented for eight years the only official release by Grzegorz Kaźmierczak and his legendary bandThe A-side was a top-10 hit on the Trójka chart. File under: gloomy sounds & saxophone.

14. 1984 - Tu nie będzie rewolucji
15. 1984 - Krucjata
16. 1984 - Specjalny rodzaj kontrastu
17. 1984 - W chołdzie fanatykom marszu
18. 1984 - Biała chorągiewska

Tracks 14-15 were released as a single in 1987. Tracks 16-18 were aired by Radio Trójka that same year. 
These five tracks probably form the best segment of the compilation. From the aggressiveness of "Tu nie będzie rewolucji" to the tragic melancholy of "Biała chorągiewska" and "Specjalny rodzaj kontrastu", multi-instrumentalist Piotr Liszcz, the leader of the band, shows some strong melodies and refined arrangements.

P.S. Polish title for this compilation is "Polska nowa fala 1983". Funnily, it doesn't contain songs from that year.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 192)

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  1. Some additional info:

    "Jedna kropla deszczu" was aired in Trójka around summer of '87, but as far as I know, didn't chart anywhere. It was recorded with other two, I think. I'm sure it's written somewhere in a booklet (little book, actually) for their "Martwy kabaret" CD, but I can't check it by now unfortunately.

    "Te dni" by Variete reached number one twice on Rozgłośnia Harcerska's Chart in February '86.

    Same story with 1984 - "Specjalny rodzaj kontrastu" has topped RH Chart in March '87, and "W hołdzie fanatykom marszu" did that in September '87.

    PS. "W chołdzie..." is misspeling from the CD cover. It should be "W hołdzie...". :)