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1984 - "SPECJALNY RODZAJ KONTRASTU" (rec. 1987-88, rel. 2003)

"Specjalny rodzaj kontrastu" was intended to be the debut album of 1984, a cult post-punk band from Rzeszów, lead by singer and multi-instrumentalist Piotr "Mizerny" Liszcz.
Unfortunately, their record label, Razem, was closed soon after the end of the sessions, and the record didn't have any distribution.
In 2003 the album was finally released on Boofish Records, with twelve bonus tracks recorded during some old radiophonic sessions (which I have omitted, because they weren't part of the original album, and they are mainly alternative versions of already known songs).

1984 played a very dark form of post-punk with majestic basslines, echoing metallic drums, sharp effected guitars, and threatrical, grandiose vocal performances. Some of my favourites here are the urgent, epic "Ferma hodowlana", the solemn march "Manitou", and the intimate opening track "Pierwszy śnieg", for voice, piano and sound effects only. 

P.S. "Specjalny rodzaj kontrastu" is also the title for one of their songs, which was released before the album and excluded from it. You can find it here.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 256)

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  1. greek industrial influenced by laibach