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ALEKSANDR ZATSEPIN - "TAYNA TRETYEY PLANETY" (DVD audio, bootleg. Recorded in 1981)

Original artist name: Александр Зацепин
Original album title: Тайна третьей планеты

One of the things I’ve noticed the first time I’ve watched "Film, Film, Film", an old Russian cartoon, was its strange soundtrack, which mixed rudimental electronic sounds, jazz, pop, and orchestral arrangements. 
Shortly after I realized its composer Aleksandr Zatsepin, a prolific and appreciated musician who worked for the state-controlled label Melodiya, has written lots of original soundtracks and pop music hits. 

This is the soundtrack from "Tayna Tretyey Planety", a beautiful science fiction cartoon released in 1981. It is a sort of artistic testament for Zatsepin, as he left Russia in 1982, after some misunderstandings with Soviet supervisors. 
Never released as an album, it finally came out as a bootleg some years ago, ripped from the DVD audio track of the cartoon. Unfortunately, some sound effects which weren't part of the music can't be removed, but on the other hand, they kinda fit with Zatsepin's work and don't affect the listening that much. 

This is a wonderful journey through analogic electronic music consisting of Moog solos, Mellotron backgrounds, electric organ and piano patterns, synthesized strings, sequencers, laser noises, and every kind of oddness you can imagine. All to create ethereal, beautiful melodies. 
This is a mix of funk and alien lounge music, the same that became popular again at the end of the Nineties thanks to Air, or even today, thanks to Daft Punk and Todd Terje's latest albums.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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