lunedì 12 maggio 2014


Original title: Женский альбом
Band: Вентиляция

Ventiljacija is a small cult band founded in Saint Petersbourg by singer and guitar player Fedor Norvegov. This is their third album, the best according to their few followers (it is also the only one I was able to find, albeit I will keep searching).

There is not much more information I can give about this band, as they are virtually unknown.
If you are a Russian reader, you can write something about them in the comments section, possibly in English.

The album is amazing nonetheless, a strong mix of post-punk and noise-rock, with a strange psychedelic and melodic vein, probably reminiscent of the legendary Yegor Letov. Despite the raw sound, every song sounds epic and every tune is easy to remember.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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