martedì 27 maggio 2014


This is Marek Grechuta's second album, and his last collaboration with the legendary jazz-folk ensemble Anawa, led by piano player Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz.

"Korowód" is universally praised as one of the great masterpieces of Polish music and it's not hard to understand why: where else in the world can you find anything that sound like this?
Indeed, this is an incredibly well-recorded melting pot of poetry, catchy pop melodies, progressive rock structures, baroque orchestrations, dissonant jazz embellishments, and folk music elements. Some songs strongly predate the fusion between rock and ethnic music.

Funny how at the time "Korowód" didn't figure among Poland's ten best selling albums of 1971, given that today it is way more popular than any other album of that year, and the lead single "Dni, których nie znamy" is probably the most famous Polish song of the Seventies. 

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