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You will probably remember "Krzyk", the album that marked Jacek Kaczmarski's comeback in Poland. I posted it on Soviet Sam some weeks ago.

Anyway, before leaving his country, the bard had already released "Mury", a strong debut in collaboration with Przemysław Gintrowski (a folksinger and soundtrack composer) and Zbigniew Łapiński (a virtuoso piano player, who was part of "Krzyk" too).

Even though the album didn't get any popularity at the time, as it was censored when the martial law became effective at the end of 1981, it gained a huge cult following since the end of the regime. The title-track is a cover of "L'estaca" by Lluís Llach, a Spanish anti-fascist anthem, with new lyrics by Kaczmarski. Today it is one of the most popular Polish folk songs.

Gintrowski's "Śmiech" and Kaczmarski's "Pompeja" are classics too, both strongly characterized by Łapiński's elaborate piano style and some striking background vocals.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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