giovedì 3 aprile 2014

DK - "SNOVA LYUBOV' POSELITSA" (2001 collection of two 1984 tapes)

Original band name: ДК
Original album title: Снова любовь поселица

This CD was released in 2001, becoming one of DK's most frequently found releases, but despite what many think, it doesn't contain the magnetic tape of the same title released in 1984. In fact, it collects tracks from two other tapes of that year, "Vtoroye aprelya" and "Prekrasnyy novyy mir".

If compared to DK's other anthology appeared on Soviet Sam, "Lirika", this is more avant-garde oriented. There's nothing here resembling a song, but the music is still enjoyable in its perverted way. A raw sound quality, repetitive rhythms, crazy noises, spooky jingles, grotesque declamations, and lots of bizarre instrumental solos for guitar, organ, sax, and flute.
There are two tracks in particular which I find shockingly ahead of their time. I'm talking about "Staryy sukhodroch", with its incredible proto-trip hop rhythm, and "Poslushay drug", ten apocalyptic minutes with slow, distorted guitars which predate the sludge metal sound in many aspects.

DOWNLOAD (kpbs: 320)

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