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OMEGA - "10000 LÉPÉS" (1969)

Omega is one of the most popular Hungarian bands ever. After a nice psychedelic debut album ("Trombitás Frédi és a rettenetes emberek", 1968), they released this ultimate classic.

The line-up at the time was a sextet, built around singer János Kóbor and keyboardist-composer Gábor Presser. They produced a surprisingly coloured music, which incorporated a lot of existing styles and predated some others. 
Here you can find devastating hard boogies ("Tűzvihar", "Félbeszakadt koncert"), bizarre improvisations ("Kérgeskezű favágok"), esoteric blues-rock with orchestral arrangements ("Tékozló fiúk", which kinda remind me of Arthur Brown's "Fire"), pleasing uptempo folk songs with a vaudeville touch ("Petróleum lámpa"), and epic martial progressions ("Tízezer lépés").
The most popular song is "Gyöngyhajú lány" (transl. "The Girl with Pearly Hair"), one of the anthems of Hungarian rock music, a wonderful progressive rock ballad.

The album equally resounds prog and hard rock, which were both at their very beginning at the time. In other words, Omega were not mere followers, but great musicians, perfectly synchronized with the expressiveness of Western rock giants.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 256)

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