giovedì 29 agosto 2013


Robert Brylewski is a legend of Polish rock. He was the head of Brygada Kryzys along with Tomasz Lipiński, and after their separation he contributed founding two of the most important projects of the local underground, Izrael and Armia. For some years he kept playing in both bands, in the former as the frontman, in the latter as a guitarist. The fact that Izrael produced reggae music with new wave influences, while Armia was a hardcore punk project, says everything about Brylewski's eclecticism.

"Nebij faję" is Izrael's second studio work. It is totally focused on Brylewski's figure, being their only album where he's the sole vocalist (on all their other records, he was supported by a co-lead singer). It is probably superior to their debut effort, being less reggae-centered. While you can hear dub basslines, echoed drums, and upbeat guitars all around, the album also shows a new wave production, an oppressive mood, and some experimental moments such as the kraut-rock rhythm of "Wolny naród", or the percussive storms of the first and last instrumental tracks.

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P.S. If you are interested, "Aya RL II" is available again. Please keep flagging expired links :)

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