domenica 4 agosto 2013


This is the only released by Polish pop-jazz ensemble Bemibem. Ewa Bem and her brother Aleksander, both singers and percussionists, were the leaders of the project (Aleksander composed nine songs out of eleven). 

"Bemowe frazy" displays a wide range of influences: Brazilian music (bossanova chords, samba percussive sections), sunshine pop, and orchestral jazz are the first things you will notice here. Elevator music keyboards and complex vocal harmonies are also part of the game, making this one of the most refined albums in the Polish pop-jazz scene. If you want to listen to a Western band with similar mood and musicianship, just try Chris Dedrick's Free Design, from New York. 

After this record Bemibem slowly fell apart, with Ewa starting a long solo career, which would have made her the most important female jazz singer of her nation.

DOWNLOAD (kpbs: 320)

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  1. Thanks so much for this find and the eva bem album. If you can pinpoint me to other artists in the jazz pop,sunshine,harmony pop vein from other socialist european i d be most grateful. And a great blog

    1. hi... I didn't notice your comment, please accept my apologies :)
      you can try Zbigniew Wodecki, another excellent Polish singer from that era.