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Original title: Гаубицы лейтенанта Гурубы
Band: Цыганята и я с Ильича

Yegor Letov is best known as the leader of Grazhdanskaya Oborona, but in the course of time he was involved in some exciting side projects. He formed Tsyganyata i Ya s Ilyicha in 1989, along with his multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Ryabinov and frontman Oleg Sudakov (also known as Manager).
Interestingly, Letov was not the main singer. Even though he produced the album, played a lot of instruments and sung various background lines, Manager was the lead vocalist and lyrics writer.

With this album Manager wanted to create a new way to write songs. In fact, some tracks are nearly a-cappella numbers, where he screams with unexpected changes of intensity. On the other hand, songs with instrumental backgrounds are more resemblant of Grazhdanskaya Oborona (the aggressive lo-fi ska of "Na blazhennom ostrove kommunizma", the noisy "Opozdavshaya molodyozh'" with its galloping bassline, the punk assault of "Gusar i Verka Zozulya", the whirling "Russkie", built on a Prokofiev theme - the same used by Sting in "Russians").
The most praised moment of the album is "Pesnya gvozdya", where you can hear a few percussive sounds and Manager pretending to be a piece of wood while nails penetrate it. It is one of the most disturbing pieces of music you will ever listen to.

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