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TILT - "TILT" (1988) + singles & bonus tracks

Tomasz Lipiński is a legend of Polish rock music. In the early Eighties he caused a strong change of direction on Brygada Kryzys, helping them to produce one of the most eclectic albums of the Nowa Fala movement. After their dissolution, he came back to his earlier project, Tilt, starting a successful career. 

In fact, this first album is another milestone. You can consider it a Polish answer to Style Council, and believe me if I say that maybe Style Council never released such a solid album. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Paul Weller fan, I'm just trying to praise this record as it deserves. 

The tracklist is equally divided between uptempo songs ("Jest tylko to", "Zawsze wszędzie teraz"), sophisticated ballads ("Rzeka miłości...", "Gdyby wszystkie słowa"), and mixes of both (the most popular song, no. 1 hit "Mówię ci że...", is at the same time velvety and energetic).
Arrangements are rich and fascinating, involving jangly guitars, dominant basslines, tons of saxophone, soulful background vocals, and some smooth keyboards here and there.

N.B. I've added six tracks on a separate folder. "Runął już ostatni mur", "O jaki dziwny dziwny dziwny", and "Każdy się boi swojej paranoi" were released as part of the same single in 1985. "Tak jak ja kocham cię" was aired by Trójka Radio in 1988 and then released on the 1991 CD reissue of "Tilt". "Szare koszmary" was also released on that edition of the album, but I don't know when it was recorded, nor aired the first time (I just know that Tilt first played it live in 1983). "It's all over for you" is a 1979 demo, released on the 2000 CD reissue.

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