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ZIYO - "ZIYO" (1989)

Guided by singer and bass player Jerzy Durał, Ziyo was a magnificent Nowa Fala band, at least until 1990. Unfortunately, like many Polish post-punk acts, the more they proceeded into the 90s, the more their music betrayed the original formula, preferring a bad macho-rock in the wake of Guns & Roses. 

Anyway, while Ziyo remained inside the borders of post-punk, their music was no less than wonderful (think to Sad Lovers & Giants, the Chameleons, and the more atmospheric moments of the Church).

Recorded in 1987 but released only two years later, this debut album was the result of a 250 hours studio work, experimenting with new technologies and stratifying sound flows. The obsessive production, the epic but melancholic approach, and some passionate, well cronstructed anthems, made it one the best efforts on the dreamy and romantic side of gothic rock. 
Despite having sold 180.000 copies between 1989 and 1991, "Ziyo" is currently out of stock.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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