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In 1981 Električni Orgazam changed the face of Yugoslavian music by being part of the historical album "Paket aranžman", along with Idoli and Šarlo Akrobata: that fundamental release marked the beginning of Balkan new wave more than any other record. 

I'll post it in the near future, but now let's focus on Električni Orgazam: this is their full lenght debut album and it was released just a few months later. It shows a matured band, less dependent from punk's urgency and more conscious of its potential. 
Helped by the production of the Grupa 220 ex-member Ivan Stančić, the Serbian quintet exhibits some refined arrangements, with Srđan Gojković and Ljubomir Jovanović detonating a red-hot guitar vortex, and Ljubomir Đukić providing compulsive synthetic patterns and electric organ flows. Gojković and Đukić also shared vocal duties, in a both theatrical and hysterical mood.

The album became a cult object in Yugoslavia and received NME's praise when Rough Trade imported some copies in Great Britain. Anyway, Električni Orgazam would definitely reach the mainstream status only five years later, when they changed their style into a more conventional pop-rock sound.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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