giovedì 27 settembre 2012


"Lišće prekriva Lisabon" is the band's second effort and it differs a lot from their debut: though the sound is still recognizable, this one represents a more difficult listening (most of the tracks are fragments admittedly created under the use of LSD and can barely be considered as songs). 
Anyway, despite being structurally crazy, the album shows some clean arrangements: keyboards are shiny and well calibrated, and the rhythm section is more tangled than ever (some patterns are puzzling).
Trumpet player Pero Ugrin preciously appears on two tracks ("Leptir" and "Alabama", the latter from the Brecht-Weill songbook).

It's not easy to tell which album is better: if you are into the song-form concept you will probably prefer their debut, if you are into a less structured kind of music, you will probably prefer this one. They are two faces of the same gold medal. 

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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  1. Fantastique blog!!! I´m listening carefully the stuff you´ve posted and I find the level of most of this bands is even superior to other occidental bands of the period. Yugo and russian bands are my favourites, but the polska ones are also a discovery for me. Just a suggestion: it would be perfect if you´d include scans into the files. As the link is expired, is it possible to re-up the 2nd album of the Elektricnis? Thanks.