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Founded in Wrocław at the dawn of the Eighties, Polish quartet Klaus Mitffoch released just one album, but it is widely considered one of the best of its era. 

Lead singer and bass player Lech Janerka also wrote the anti-regime lyrics, using a mix of metaphors and grotesque situations that successfully bypassed the censors. The album is composed of sixteen tracks, eleven of which are fragments, shorter than two and a half minutes. The music offers skeletal, sparkling post-punk textures, mostly dominated by bass and guitar hooks, but sometimes crafted by delicate keyboards (i.e. "Siedzi", "Klus Mitroh", the epic "Strzeż się tych miejsc"). Even though it was not the definitive blockbuster of Polish rock, "Klaus Mitffoch" was able to sell over 120.000 copies in 1985 only.

P.S. I also included three essential non-album tracks, released as singles in 1983-84. One of these, "Jezu jak się cieszę", was their most successful song, selling over 80.000 copies and reaching no. 1 on the LP3 Polish chart. 

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