lunedì 23 novembre 2015


Dawid Podsiadło won the Polish edition of X-Factor in 2012. While in the rest of the world every singer who has come out of X-Factor has become a money-making machine with no artistic value whatsoever, Podsiadło has managed to actually make some great music, with the help of ambitious producer Bogdan Kondracki
His debut, titled "Comfort and Happiness", has sold around 200.000 copies in Poland, which in these days marks a record.

"Annoyance and Disappointment" followed a couple of years later, becoming another blockbuster. It is an anthology of indie pop tracks with a wide range of instruments (electric organ, analogue synths, acoustic instruments, jazz guitars, and sporadic fuzz effects).
"W dobrą stronę", "Son of Analog", and "Pastempomat" are among the best songs of 2015.

P.S. Kudos to bass player Wojciech Król and his amazing lines.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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