domenica 22 novembre 2015


Tomek Makowiecki came out of a Polish talent show in 2002, but he never embraced the mainstream scene. Instead, he slowly became a cult figure, with his refined and intellectual form of alternative pop.

This is his fifth studio album, the second as a solo artist, and one of the most beautiful Polish records released in the last years.

The slower tracks reminds of David Sylvian (“Ostatni brzeg”, “Your Foreign Books”), whilst the faster ones are closer to electronic dance music (“Holidays in Rome”).
“Dziecko księżyca” steals the show with ten minutes of heaven-like pop-ambient progressions, and Tomasz's voice sounds like that of an angel.

Four out of ten tracks are sung in English, and among the special guests is keyboard player Józef Skrzek from the legendary prog rock band SBB.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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