sabato 12 dicembre 2015


Thanks to their empowering slogans for the young and their catchy refrains, Strachy na Lachy are one of the most important alternative bands from Poland.
They were founded in 2002 by singer Krzysztof Grabowski and guitar player Andrzej Kozakiewicz, both members of Pidżama Porno. They started as a side-project, but since 2005 they have become the main band due to their growing popularity.

“Dodekafonia” is their fifth album, the first to reach no. 1 in Poland and probably their most complete work.
Here you can find dub-influenced songs (“Ten wiatrak ta łąka”), folk ballads (“Cafe Sztok”), and alternative rock anthems with guitars in the style of Franz Ferdinand, such as “Ostatki - nie widzisz stawki” and “Twoje oczy lubią mnie”.

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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