martedì 6 novembre 2012


When releasing their third album, Maanam tried to change their aggressive sound into a more refined product. The result was one of their most revered works, even though not their most successful (150.000 copies in one year is a solid performance, but not a triumph if we consider Maanam's usual sales).

Every song here is different from each other. "Nocny patrol" is a dub march featuring Kora on her most ethereal performance up to that moment, "To tylko tango" has a quite self-explainatory title, "French Is Strange" is a syncopated track with a sharp guitar sound (similar to the one that the Sisters Of Mercy's guitar player Gary Marx was developing in England at the same time), "Raz-dwa-raz-dwa" is an epic post-punk assault with a heavy metal opening riff in the style of Iron Maiden. 
The anthem is probably "Krakowski Spleen", an atmospheric mid-tempo with some harrowing, poetic lyrics: "The streets are shrouded in mist, A key in every door, Gaze out through my window, Longing for the storm. The sun so high so high, Shining in the pilot's eye, Tirelessly ablaze, Burning in icy space. I'm waiting right here for the wind, To blow my shutters away, Then maybe I can rise, With the sun in my eyes".

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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