venerdì 9 novembre 2012


The album that closed the first phase of Maanam's career. It is also their most atmospheric effort, with lots of echoes, guitar effects, and ethereal background vocals. Their initial punk fury has definitely evaporated into these immaterial sounds and majestic rhythms.

"Mental Cut" is a nothing less than a classic, as proved by the tracklist. "Simple Story" mixes new wave and jangle-pop, "Kowboje O.K." is a vivid instrumental track with country-Western influences, massive ballads such as "You or Me" and "Kreon" are somehow similar to the Sisters of Mercy's coeval masterpiece "Some Kind of Stranger". Thanks to irresistible hit singles such as "Lipstick on the Glass" and "Lucciola", sales surpassed the 300.000 copies mark in one year. 

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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  1. Szukasz odpowiedzi na swoje pytania?

  2. Be sure to check out "Wet Cat" - english version of this album. Three new tracks (one of them - "Salamander" being mild hit in 1985) and "Cowboys OK" with actual lyrics. ;) Also, different mix.