giovedì 15 novembre 2012

AYA RL - "AYA RL" (1989)

After a long hiatus, Aya RL finally released another album.
Originally titled "Aya RL", but reissued as "Aya RL II" (to discern it from the previous album), this second studio effort shows a mutation into the band's dynamics. Igor Czerniawski's keyboards and electronic sounds become dominant, while guitars and other instruments are relegated in the background. Even the voice of Pawel Kukiz is not as important as in their debut, considering the presence of tracks like "Waltera pamieci rapsod zalobny" (instrumental), "Fiji" (just some spoken words), and "Ten czlowiek z teczka" (nearly whispered). 

Songs are constructed upon repetitive electronic patterns and do not always fit Aya RL's old atmosphere (the single "Jak ze szkla i stali" is virtually a soul track: not that bad, but surely not what you want to hear from Aya RL).

Anyway, Kukiz regained his crown on the apocalyptic crescendo of "Za chlebem".

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

3 commenti:

  1. Hi,

    is there a chance for a re-upp of this album?

    I have just discovered this band by the first album you provided (and immediately bought the album - 80ties Polish music is so cool! :) ).
    But I just want to pre-listen before I buy this album...

    Anyway, thanks for your side, I hope I will find some other New Wave/Minimal or maybe Cold Wave band from Poland on your side...


    I am downloading the album now. I hope it is worth buying it, too... :) I am so curious...