giovedì 18 ottobre 2012

SERGEY KURYOKHIN - "GOSPODIN OFORMITEL / POSVYASHCHONNYY", soundtracks (rec. 1988-89, rel. 1999)

Died of cardiac sarcoma in 1996 when only 42, Sergey Kuryokhin was one of the most important figures in the history of Russian music, having faced countless music styles without losing his radical artistic integrity. Famous in the avant-jazz circles for his noisy piano improvisations, but also able to design ambitious progressive suites later in his career, Kuryokhin reached the peak of his pop creativity with the soundtracks for "Gospodin oformitel" and "Posvyashchonnyy", two wonderful surrealistic movies directed by Oleg Teptsov. Kuryokhin created the right mix of music to emphasize the images, both baroque and horrorific.

Starting with the sick, demented carillon melody of "Shkatulka" and closing with "Erotika", where space ambient meets an operatic solfeggio, Kuryokhin leads the listeners into a travel through Russian folk music ("Mistika"), exciting post-punk tracks ("Igra 1", "Sorvalas'"), and elegies which could compete with those composed by Danny Elfman ("Krysha"). The key-track is probably "Donna Anna", a new wave number with soprano vocals and an epic guitar solo with a harsh distortion.

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