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MAANAM - "MAANAM" (1981)

Maanam was one of the greatest Polish post-punk bands (the others being Perfect, Lady Pank, and Republika). Their debut album, a new wave milestone, was a slow but strong seller in the early Eighties, totaling over 230.000 copies between 1981 and 1983.
Technically superior to the average English-speaking post-punk bands, Maanam played an all-power art-punk with frantic rhythms and whirling guitars, dominated by Olga "Kora" Jackowska's hysterical approach and acrobatic vocal lines. 
While rhythm guitarist Marek Jackowski composed every song, revealing an outstanding talent as a songwriter, the added power to the sound is brought by Ryszard Olesiński, a virtuoso lead guitarist who filled every song with twisted solos and bizarre tricks.

"Szare miraże" and "Boskie Buenos" are probably the most popular songs, but the entire tracklist is brilliant, with the ferocious "Karuzela marzeń", the incredible speed of "Żądza pieniądza", the atmospheric instrumental "Miłość jest cudowna", and the mazy guitar solo of "Stoję stoję czuję się świetnie".

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