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Original band's name: Петля Нестерова 
Original title: Кто здесь?

Petlya Nesterova (Loop of Death) was one of the many underground bands of the Saint Petersburg scene. 
It was founded in 1987 by Eduard Nesterenko (guitars/vocals), Igor Kopylov (bass) and Aleksandr Senin (drums), after they left Kofe due to artistic divergences. 

“Kto zdes'...” is their debut album. Recorded by Aleksey Vishnya at her home studio and then refined in Berlin, these ten tracks show a particular sound, both lyrical and danceable, with syncopated bass lines, clean guitar riffs on high octaves, and a mix of played drums and rhythm machines. Yuri Kasparyan from Kino and Andrej Nuzhdin from Igry helped on guitars.  

After the release of "Kto zdes'..." the band was never a full-time engagement, as every member was involved in other projects. A second album, “Salto mortale”, was released only in 2001. Nesterenko tragically died of cancer in 2008. 

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 234-273) 

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