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Original band's name: Петля Нестерова 
Original title: Кто здесь?

Petlya Nesterova (transl. Loop of Death) was one of the great underground bands of the Saint Petersburg scene. 
It was founded in 1987 by Eduard Nesterenko (guitars/vocals), Igor Kopylov (bass) and Aleksandr Senin (drums), after they left Kofe due to artistic divergences. 

“Kto zdes'...” is their debut album: recorded by Aleksey Vishnya at her home studio and then refined in Berlin, these ten tracks can compete with many English-speaking post-punk classics. The trio shows a particular sound, both lyrical and danceable, with syncopated bass lines, clean guitar riffs on high octaves, and a mix of played drums and rhythm machines. Yuri Kasparyan from Kino and Andrej Nuzhdin from Igry helped on guitars.  

After the release of "Kto zdes'..." the band was never a full-time engagement: all the members were involved in other projects, and they released a second album, “Salto mortale”, only in 2001. Nesterenko tragically died of cancer in 2008. 

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 234-273) 

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