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In 1981 Piotr Mrowiński left Kryzys, being replaced by singer/guitar player Tomasz Lipiński. After this new entry the band drastically changed its direction, so founding member and composer Robert Brylewski changed the name of the project to Brygada Kryzys. 
As Kryzys, the band was not much more than a Mark Stewart's Pop Group clone. On the contrary, after the mutation they produced one of the most original albums of the Nowa Fala movement. Strong dub basslines, walls of echoed saxophone, an impressive range of guitar work (liquid delayed lines, proto-noise assaults, intricate solos), and moreover, fast rhythms that definitely moved the band away from the systematic use of stop&go rhythms of bands such as the Pop Group (the only song with a typical reggae rhythm is "Ganja", which is the least interesting one). 
The first side of the record is sung in Polish, the second one in English, and they're both brilliant.

Even though the album was able to sell 200.000 copies in a year, the band disbanded soon after. Its members have been dominating the scene in the decades to come, joining or founding bands such as Tilt, Kult, Armia, Izrael, and many more. In 1992 Lipiński and Brylewski reunited Brygada Kryzys for a second studio album (I'll post it in the future).

P.S. I always recommend to buy original albums, but I have to warn you that some CD editions of this album contain remixed versions and not the original ones, so please pay attention.

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