martedì 17 luglio 2012


Six songs out of the ten contained in Lady Pank's debut album reached the top of the Trójka chart. By the end of 1984 the album had sold 420.000 copies, and its singles a further 300.000.

Lady Pank is one the most successful bands ever in their homeland. Their first works are characterized by an angular post-punk sound, with smart pop refrains and occasional reggae structures. Anyway, they were also able to write dreamy ballads such as "Wciąż bardziej obcy", my favourite song here. 

As time goes by, especially in the 90s, their sound changed into a flat rock formula, more suitable to fill arenas during their pharaonic tours. Nonetheless, their earlier stuff is still surrounded by a magic flavour, and "Lady Pank" remains an important key to understand Poland's Nowa Fala movement. It is quite simply one of the best albums released in that country.

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