mercoledì 23 gennaio 2013


In 1991 Ekatarina Velika were an established force in the Yugoslavian music jet set. 
On this record you can perceive the darkness of the social and political situation which caused the outbreak of the War. Lyrics are more depressing than ever, generating deeply emotional songs such as the ballad "Bledo" and the anthem "Idemo"

This is the first album without Bojan Pečar on bass; he was replaced by session men Dušan Petrović (from the band Plejboj) and Bata Božanić. The basslines on this album are way distant from the post-punk style of Pečar, preferring a prosperous jazz fusion approach.
Definitely abandoning new wave and its chrisms, the band builds an unclassifiable sound. Songs are less catchy than in the past, with twisted, experimental melodies, where sometimes you can't even tell the difference between verses and refrains. Arrangements are quite rich, with piano, organ, acoustic guitars, percussions, lots of female background vocals, and threatening string sections.
By listening to these songs you can easily understand why "Dum Dum" was not as popular as "Samo par godina za nas". 

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