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In 1993 Ekatarina Velika released "Neko nas posmatra", basically an alternative rock album. Even though it generated "Anestezija", their last hit and one of their masterpieces, the album was not adventurous as usual. In order to find new sources for his creativity (and to have a little break from his anti-war activism during these years), Milan Mladenović traveled to São Paulo do Brasil, where his old friend Suba (Mitar Subotić) had lived since 1990. 
In the spring of 1994 they recorded a bunch of tracks, with the help of two local musicians (guitar player Fabio Golfetti, percussionist João Parahyba) and various background vocalists. The result of those sessions was "Angel's Breath", an out-of-this-world album which incorporated alternative rock, musica popular brasileira, Balkan folk, electronic experimentation, and guitars which vaguely reminded the style of Robert Fripp (if you really want someone to compare them with). 

Milan came back in Serbia soon after, where he unexpectedly died of pancreatic cancer at the end of the year. After his death, Ekatarina Velika officially disbanded. The other two founding members also died young: Bojan Pečar had a heart attack in 1998, Margita Stefanović died of AIDS-related complications in 2002, after some years of major depression.

Today Milan is still a music icon all around ex-Yugoslavia. Who knows which new frontiers his genius would have discovered if only he hadn't died so soon...

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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  1. great stuff. golfetti and specially joão parahyba are royalty of brazilian session players. it was great to discover this lost gem where they shared the same stage. last week saw mr. golfetti on a gig by a young band, ema stoned, always low profile. suba was a key figure on the development of brazilian pop in the nineties and is still missed even today. all good for ya and keep on going. tks and greetings from são paulo!

  2. Dlaczego komentarz powyżej jest w języku angielskim?