martedì 21 agosto 2012


Republika was one of the classic bands of Nowa Fala. Founded in 1981 and guided by the genius of singer and piano player Grzegorz Ciechowski, the quartet released two albums and a bunch of singles before disbanding in 1986.
A second, less interesting phase of their career begun in 1991 and lasted until 2001, when Ciechowski tragically died of aneurysm.

Recorded in a difficult context (the band felt responsible because it was anticipated by two successful singles), this debut album contains all the elements that made Republika an important project: powerful and metaphorical anti-regime lyrics, Ciechowski's passionate vocal style, and reckless musical structures (their post-punk background is twisted by unexpected odd meters, wild flute solos, frantic guitars, and art-rock piano patterns). "Nowe sytuacje" was an instant classic, selling 360.000 copies in 1983 alone.

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