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PRAŽSKÝ VÝBĚR - "PRAŽSKÝ VÝBĚR" [aka "STRAKA V HRSTI"] (rec. 1982, rel. 1988)

Pražský Výběr (aka Prague Selection) were a Czech rock band founded by singer and keyboard player Michael Kocáb during the late Seventies.
At first, they played mainly instrumental jazz-rock, as did most Czech rock bands of that era, but as the Eighties began they became aware of British post-punk, and incorporated it in their style.
The result was a strange kind of progressive post-punk, full of virtuoso guitar and synthesizer solos. In fact, Pražský Výběr were way ahead of British post-punk in terms of technical ability, and that made their music something exciting and peculiar.

This is their second album. It was recorded in 1982, but released only in 1988, as the authorities did not like their frantic and flippant style. Nonetheless, young Czech people adored them, and their concerts in underground clubs regularly sold out.
"Pražákům je hej" is still a rock anthem as of today, but the whole album is awesome. You will rarely hear anything like this. 

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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  1. Dlaczego ten wątek nie jest w języku polskim.Takie coś naprawdę bardzo mnie interesuje.