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When posting more than one album by the same artist, I usually go by chronological order. Having already discussed Locomotiv GT's debut album, some may find it odd that I'm skipping to their eight one. However, as we are talking about my favourite album by this band and one of my favourite Hungarian albums in general, I just couldn't wait.

By the time this album was recorded, Locomotiv GT had a completely different line-up, with Gábor Presser being the only constant musician. The other three members joined the band between 1973 and 1977.

"Loksi" became their best selling album up to that moment, especially thanks to the weird disco-funk hit "Embertelen dal". In its 17 songs you can find lots of different influences, ranging from yacht rock ("A dal a miénk") to prog ("Prológ és trialóg"), from piano ballads ("Ha eljönnek az angyalok") to boogie rock ("Szentimentális rakenroll"), from soul ("Gondolj rám") to electronic music ("Áldd meg a dalt").
The production is excellent, with many keyboard instruments and experimental sounds, but this does not come at the expense of its songwriting. I would describe the overall sound as "art rock", since every song is extremely refined and smartly arranged.

Gábor Presser
vocals, synth, piano, percussion, bells, vocoder
Tamás Somló 
vocals, bass, sax, harmonica, percussion, brasswinds
János Karácsony 
vocals, guitars, percussion, synth, piano
János Solti
drums, percussion

DOWNLOAD (kbps: 320)

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